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The artists within.

Painting something I loved as a child finger painting I remember if it was as yesterday. while in Canada I met a lady named Shirley Myers. was in the digital painting workshop at Canada Brock University. I was amazed at what they were doing in this class. They were turning photographs into real paintings I would hope after that. They were doing oil painting, watercolors, pastels, and using the real Paint to. Marilyn Sholin was the teacher hole I found out later when I left Canada is a world renowned artists. And I had the pleasure of personally going to North Carolina to get involved in one of her classes. So now I have a eye and talent to do paintings.Of People, places, buildings, landscapes. It is so relaxing and I enjoy it as much as I do creating an image through eyes of the lens of my camera . For me to create a nice art piece it was a lot of trials and tribulations but I never gave up and now you can see my finished products hope you enjoyed.